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Island Pašman

Island located in Zadar’s islands. It is separated from the land by the channel Pašman and from the nearby island Ulgjan by narrow imitation channel called Zdrelac, which was built in year 1883 and bridging with 210 m long bridge. The most high is a top Bokolj (272m). The west coast is steep with a lot of bays, protecting from bora. All villages are around the east coast. Pašman is connect with land by ferry (Tkon-Biograd na Moru)

Island was settled in Romans epoch. In year 1050 was owned by Biograd bishopric and in year 1126 become to Zadar’s bishopric. Above the bay of St. Ante on the southwest coast is Preromans church of St. Ante.

Village Pašman with small harbour is situated on the east coast of centre part of island. By the coast is lot of islands, the biggest one is Babac.
Bridge between islands Pašman and UgljanBridge between islands Pašman and Ugljan
Bridge between islands Pašman and Ugljan